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visual artist


Photo by Kees Tabak

Eefje Bouwkamp's work results from a search process that involves aligning

and fitting, moving forward only to return again. The ongoing research series 'Earth's Interior' represents a world gradually formed over time.

Through collages, she examines and reflects on the extensive geologic history known as 'deep time,' offering insights into our planet's evolution. The work provides a unique perspective on the Earth's layers and their intricate relationship with one another.

Feel free to explore my artwork at the studio or reach out for pricing details.

Send me a message, I'm happy to help



Open studio, Art at deTransformatie, Arnhem > Group exhibition Sophie Maree Den Haag > KunstRAI Amsterdam > Group exhibition, Galerie Sirius, Tokyo > Duo exhibition, Deelen Art, Rotterdam > Group exhibition, Amstel Gallery, Amsterdam > Group exhibition, Photoville Festival, New York > Group exhibition, Galerie Bart, Nijmegen > Group exhibition, Huntenkunst, Ulft > Duo exhibition, Galerie Bart, Amsterdam > Duo exhibition, Highculture Galerie during TEFAF, Maastricht > Duo exhibition, artproject Goed, Arnhem > Group exhibition, Galerie Bart, Nijmegen > Group exhibition, La petit Galerie, Megen > Solo exhibition, Dru-fabriek, Ulft > Group exhibition, Huntenkunst, Doetinchem > Group exhibition, Modebiënnale, Arnhem > Group exhibition, K.I.M., Arnhem > Group exhibition, Huntenkunst, Doetinchem > Duo exhibition, Galerie in Beeld, Zwolle > Solo exhibition, Focus, Arnhem > Group exhibition, KunstSuper, Rotterdam > Group exhibition, Arctic, Zonnemaire > Group exhibition, CBK, Arnhem 




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