Yellow House 20 x 28  cm private collection

Birdtree 70 x 100 cm

Big Wheel 100 x 150 cm private collection

Moutain Collection  private collection

19 x 49 cm

Sweet abundance 

19 x 39 cm

Nature has its cunning way 

Private collection


efflux of a mountain.jpg

Bridging chasms and ascend near vertical planes #2

20 x 30cm

Bridging chasms and ascend near vertical planes #1

20 x 30cm

Efflux of a mountain 20 x 30cm

inexorable motions.jpg
relative movement.jpg
the lure of the peaks.jpg
continental crust.jpg

the relative movement of the plates

ranges from zero to 100mm per year

42 x 60 cm

the lure of the peaks private collection

13 x 21 cm

A continental crust that was likely scraped off a down-going slab 

13x18 cm

The slow but inexorable motions move mountains

15 x 25 cm

‘Interior Exit’ series
Page 106 / palazzo reale, the chamber of the Swiss Guard
22 x 28cm

‘Interior Exit’ series
Page 232 / santa pelagia
22 x 28cm private collection

‘Interior Exit’ series
Page 271 palazzo reale, ballroom
22 x 28cm

‘Interior Exit’ series
Page 132 / palazzo del collegio dei nobili
22 x 28cm

‘Interior Exit’ series
page 210 / palazzo reale, detail of stairway of the forbici 
22 x 28cm


z.t. 100 x 150  cm

private collection


z.t. 15 x 19,5 cm

z.t. 44 x 50 cm

z.t. 14,5 x 19,5 cm

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